About the Association
Thank you for seeking to learn more about Maple Valley Counseling Associates. We welcome you to explore our mission and diversity of therapies. Our hope is that you will choose to walk through our doors and be met by one of our counselors to begin writing the next promising chapter in you and your family’s lives.

Maple Valley Counseling Associates have come together under one roof to join in providing children, teens, and families with the support and encouragement needed to live the fullest and most rewarding lives. Our common goal is to create a safe and enriching space in the community to explore, reflect, learn, grow and transform. We believe that every person encompasses inner strengths that can help to overcome challenges and barriers. When joining with a MVCA therapist, you and your family will begin a journey working towards increased life satisfaction and enriched relationships.
ESTABLISHED 2013 - Serving the greater Maple Valley Area - www.MVCounseling.org
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